Dear YSER Members,

While it is our hope that we will help you shorten the learning curve on understanding your child’s special education rights, we realize that there may be times that you will need or want to work with a special education attorney or advocate to help you attain appropriate services for your child.

It has often been our experience that parents are sometimes unaware of how to find attorneys and advocates or know the role they can play in helping you attain appropriate services. We even hear that parents often don’t know that special education attorneys and advocates exist.

As a practicing attorney and advocate, we want you to understand what special education attorneys and advocates do and where to find one. We hope these resources help.

Our best,

Jennifer Laviano
special education attorney

Julie Swanson
special education advocate

copa-logoCouncil of Parent Advocates and Attorneys – COPAA’s mission is to be a national voice for special education rights and to promote excellence in advocacy. Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services for children with disabilities. To search for an advocate or attorney in your area, please click here: