Special Education’s Future Depends on Your Vote!

While it is our practice not to be political, special education and other disability-related issues have found their way into politics.  Ipso facto, we’re political, especially with the mid-term elections around the corner.  We know that many factors go into a person choosing what political affiliation they are, but if […]

“The Note” That Led Me To Advocacy

  What if this child is not autistic and the mother is seeking attention? This is the question that led me to professional advocacy. “The mother” is me. The question was written by a school staff member and discovered in my son’s school files.   The Refridgerator Mother Syndrome Let’s go […]

Please Don’t Call Me “Mom”

Hello, my name is Julie. There is nowhere I personally go in my daily life where adults call me “mom,” so it is with great wonder that it happens to the mothers with whom I work at IEP team meetings with regularity. Now for some reason, I don’t experience that […]


I will never forget the encyclopedia, the library aisle and the long, dark table I sat at while I read about autism from a frightening 1950’s perspective.  That was twenty years ago when I learned about my son’s diagnosis in the harshest of ways.  That 1950’s encyclopedia talked about autism […]

Children with ASD Need Swimming Instruction – Here’s Why!

April is a month filled with headlines about Autism.  We are advocates of BOTH awareness AND acceptance here at YSER.  But more importantly, we are believers in positive, productive solutions to the real threats which face children and adolescents diagnosed with ASD.   A scary statistic by the National Autism […]


The IDEA requires that a student who has an IEP be re-evaluated by his or her school system at least every three years.  This is commonly referred to as a “triennial evaluation.”  The expectation is that the school team re-assess the student to determine whether they continue to be eligible […]

Dear Target…Please Make this Change for Adults with Special Needs and Their Families

CHECK THIS OUT!  We’re so proud of our resident activist Julie Swanson!  Read her “Dear Target…” blog recently published in TheMighty.com

Why Your Child’s Desk Matters

For many school children with disabilities—especially those with an IEP or a 504 plan—the ability to get up and move around the classroom is a common (and practical) accommodation. Be it standing, walking, jumping, or getting the wiggles out in general—for these kids, the freedom to engage in physical activity […]

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