February 25, 2016
Trendwatch logoThe IDEA requires that a student who has an IEP be re-evaluated by his or her school system at least every three years.  This is commonly referred to as a “triennial evaluation.”  The expectation is that the school team re-assess the student to determine whether they continue to be eligible for special education and related services, and if so, under what category.
I’ve been noticing a troubling trend which seems to be gaining momentum, and that is for the district to propose a “records review” in place of the triennial.  In other words, little or no testing will be done.  Parents are usually sold on this procedure with comments like “we all already know he’s eligible, so why put him through the testing?”
BEWARE of this practice!  There are many reasons to thoroughly re-evaluate a child, including getting a sense of progress.  In addition, but giving the district a pass on testing, should the parents later want to get outside testing, the district will probably claim they want to test first, and you will prolong the process.  If your district says they want to do a records review instead of a full triennial, YSER says it’s time to say no, and request what the federal law requires:  a comprehensive evaluation in all areas of suspected disability.
To learn more about Triennial Evaluations, watch this video in our IDEA BASICS series.
Dear Target…Please Make this Change for Adults with Special Needs and Their Families
February 25, 2016

CHECK THIS OUT!  We’re so proud of our resident activist Julie Swanson!  Read her “Dear Target…” blog recently published in

Why Your Child’s Desk Matters

For many school children with disabilities—especially those with an IEP or a 504 plan—the ability to get up and move around the classroom is a common (and practical) accommodation. Be it standing, walking, jumping, or getting the wiggles out in general—for these kids, the freedom to engage in physical activity throughout the learning day is critical to their success. Read more

5 Simple Steps to Stop Transportation Tragedies at School
September 22, 2015
photo courtesy Eiden Lee

photo courtesy Eiden Lee

With the recent headlines of another student with special education needs losing his life on a bus, it’s time to insist that transportation providers participate in the IEP team process.  It’s time because we should not tolerate one more tragedy of a student with disabilities who loses their life for lack of planning. Read more

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