We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!
March 29, 2010
My son was diagnosed with autism a few years before the incidence of autism shot through the roof. In those early days of living with autism I felt so alone in my situation.

To give a little perspective here, how computers weren’t standing operating procedure in the household like they are today. Therefore, I wasn’t able to Google autism, which by the way, I knew almost nothing about other than I knew it wasn’t a wonderful disability. I actually had to go down to my local library and look “autism” up in a set of encyclopedias from the 1950’s. The entry in the encyclopedia said that people with autism were destined to live in instututions. I remember reading that the slapping the book closed with fright. Dont worry, I finally ended up getting a home computer and am truly greatful for the ease in which I am now able to inform myself of things.

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