COPAA Round-up from Paradise

We’ve just returned from Paradise, as in Paradise Point Island, San Diego, where we attended the 17th annual COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates) conference.  We can’t say we missed the snow!

COPAA’s conference is an annual source of inspiration to us, as we join our colleagues in protecting the Civil Rights of students who have disabilities. At, we constantly strive to empower parents, and COPAA is an organization committed to this cause we hold so dear.

COPAA is important to us and we’d like to tell you how we’re involved.  Jen is on the Board of Directors, and serves as an Executive Committee Member of the Board; recently she was Chair of the Board and is currently the Co-Chair of the Attorneys’ Committee.    Julie is a long-standing member, and is the current the Co-Chair of the Media Relations Committee, where she is working on heightening the awareness of special education rights in general, and COPAA’s work in particular on a national level.  Jen and Julie were proud to sit on the panel of presenters a COPAA’s annual Town Hall meeting, where Julie updated the members on the important future of Media Relations, and Jen discussed the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate’s Report on Sandy Hook, and the lessons that parent advocates can learn from this tragedy.

As always, important trends were discussed at the conference, including Common Core and its impact on students with IEPs and 504 Plans; the importance of considering behavior in educational programming; and the “special education to prison pipeline” of such concern to COPAA members.  National trends and policy considerations for litigation and strategy were also a focus of the conversations.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the COPAA conference is a chance to connect with like-minded professionals, who know all too well that the outcomes for children whose parents understand their rights under are far better than for those who don’t.  And after all, that’s what YSER is all about.

We encourage you to follow COPAA and become a member.   Follow COPAA on Facebook.

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