Independent Educational Evaluations: What triggers an IEE at Public expense?
August 7, 2015

Independent Educational Evaluations: What triggers an IEE at Public expense?

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  1. What if the school refuses to do their own evaluation??
    They told me they just need to meet and decide whether to do an evaluation and get back to me in a certain amount of time but do not need to do an evaluation at my request – my son has adhd, tourettes syndrome and OCD and was a 3 month preemie twin – 33% delayed in all areas at agge 3 and my school district tested him then and at age 5 and denied him services…even with my own paid or indepnedent reports from neurologist and neurodevelopmental doctors – i finally got section 504 in 5th grade it was useless…still is….and every specialist doesnt understand why at age 3 he didnt have an IEP….I am a single mom and didnt have the emotional bandwith to fight for an IEP – he was never discharged from Early Intervention and still didnt get an IEP…now he is 15 and got denied extra time on college baord which says i need a neuropsych eval and i cannot afford it – none of the testing they require is covered by isnruance and the school says since he is not classified with an IEP they do not have to do an independent eval and in fact they will not do their own eval…however I read in BOE mtg notes other students that ahve neruopsyh evals covered….Help!! Need advice!!!

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