September 15, 2015

In 2012, when we set out to empower parents of children with disabilities, we knew the need was great. Every year, millions of children qualify to receive special education services through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). But for many children, those services are routinely denied.

While school districts are mandated to follow the IDEA, parents are left to be the enforcers. Lack of parental knowledge, confusing legal jargon and limited resources create a power imbalance between parents and school districts. (YSER) seeks to change all that. So we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our wholly-upgraded community portal designed expressly to give parents a one-stop, comprehensive toolkit for understanding their children’s federally protected special education rights.

The new YSER web site features an unparalleled video library—with hundreds of free videos to help members effectively navigate every aspect of their child’s education. It also gives members FREE access to a robust, private community of peers and professionals, with discussion forums for state-specific legal insights, disability-specific resources, as well as peer and parent support groups.

Plus, members can participate in free online chats with Jen and Julie — the co-founders of YSER, and nationally recognized special education advocacy experts who are passionate about providing all children the opportunity to succeed. (Click here to read more about Jen and Julie).

We know that too often, parents of children with disabilities are marginalized by public school administrators, and are often unaware of the federally protected special education rights to which they are entitled. With YSER, parents have a free, powerful, one-stop resource available 24/7 for empowering themselves and advocating for their children during all-important IEP team meetings.

Our favorite thing about the all-new YSER? A brand-new, five-part Social Thinking Video Series featuring the nationally-acclaimed speech and language pathologist Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of the Social Thinking Center and creator of the renowned Social Thinking curriculum. Members have free access to the entire series, including our own expert commentary about incorporating Social Thinking principles into a child’s IEP.

Finally, the new YSER portal has an easy “search” feature, enabling rapid access to hundreds of videos, articles, webinars and other resources about a wealth of topics related to special education rights. It also features quick links for easy bookmarking and sharing of YSER videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube—ensuring that all parents are empowered with the knowledge they need to effectively advocate for their child.

Securing an appropriate education for your child—and getting your child the special services he or she needs—shouldn’t require high-priced attorneys or contentious legal battles. We launched and upgraded YSER so that all parents, regardless of income, could advocate for their children with disabilities by accessing easy, free resources designed just for them.

Already a YSER member? Welcome back. Ready to join YSER free right now? Let’s get started.

Read our full press release here.

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