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We’ve had so many parents tell us that it’s overwhelming to learn about special education rights from the dizzying number of resources available on the internet. We get it, so we decided to break things down and simplify them. We’re not scripted, we explain it to you like we would want someone to explain it to us. We want you to “get it” and be able to “use it” in your own IEP meeting.


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IDEA Basics

Bullying & Kids with Disabilities

Infants & Toddlers with Disablities

The IDEA's Special Education Categories

Independent Education Evaluations

IEP 101

Federally Mandated Elements of an IEP

My Child With A 504 Plan Is In A Psychiatric Hospital

My Child with an IEP is in a Psychiatric Hospital

My Unidentified Child Is In A Psychiatric Hospital

Crisis Corner

They Say, You Say

Feel free To Quote Me

Home Schooling

Mistakes Parents Can Avoid

Written Prior Notice

Transition To Adulthood

Service Animals

Jen & Julie's Booklist

What Educators Really Need to know